Heathcote Soaring League
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H.S.L. is the oldest Club of its type in N.S.W. It is primarily a radio controlled glider Club.
We also encourage and have eletric powered models being flown by members. Sports power planes are generally not flown at H.S.L. and our constitution and terms of lease, do not allow them to be flown as a rule. Also, the two codes do not generally mix well, as the gliders depend on wind direction for launching, and the winch and tow lines lie downwind, causing problems for taxiing, launching and landing of power models

The field is located at Maddens Plains, south of Helensburgh. It is reached by travelling south on the Princes Highway, to Waterfall, then onto the Southern Freeway, until you exit left on the Helensburgh turnoff. Turn right at the roundabout and head south towards Darkes Forest. Continue on past that turnoff and the field is located just past the golf course on the right hand side. It is a mown area of approx 230m x 100m, leased by the Club, and maintained by us. We fly thermal duration competition, some F3J and F3B, electric, handlaunch and aerotow scale models.
The field is open 7 days a week for Club members to fly. We have members willing to instruct new members and we are looking at instituting a pilot proficiency programme, to assist members in improving and upgrading their skills. We hope to foster interest and fellowship with modellers who share this common interest.

Heathcote Soaring League is an incorporated Club and is happy to accept new members whose primary interest is in sailplanes. If you have a model ready for a test flight, bring it to the field on a Sunday, and we can check it out for you, or give it a pre-flight check. Learning to fly a model aircraft seems difficult at first, but soon becomes easy, so long as you are taught to fly safely in the first instance. Non members are invited to fly at H.S.L. as a visitor on two occasions, but are expected to join after that time, either as an associate if they already belong to another Club, or as a full member, if they do not have MAAA affiliation.

Club flying days are generally on Sundays, but members also fly at any other times. There is a sign at the field to indicate it is owned by H.S.L.

Membership fees as at 1/7/19 to 30/6/20 are $185 total, comprising $50 Club fee and $135 MAAA/ANSW insurance/affiliation fee.

The fee covers membership to MAAA, ANSW, HSL, a $10m Insurance cover, rent for the field, rates and maintenance.

The club conducts and hosts a number of events throughout the year. Please click on the Contest Calendar for full details.
You will notice that Electric Powered Sailplanes are becoming popular, with a number of F5J events and the Millennium Cup now being 2m, 2 channel, electric launch.
The HSL Club competitions, combined with The Heathcote Cup and HSL Millennium Cup round are used to determine the 'Club Champion' each year.

click on any of the topics below, to read the .pdf document;
H.S.L. Constitution.
Licence Agreement H.S.L.
Map location of H.S.L.
Australian Thermal Duration Rules.
New Rules for Millennium Cup.


P.O. Box 214 Sutherland 1499 N.S.W.

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